Shakespeare in ACTion

2-Days Shakespeare Workshop with Thomas Cook

“Don’t confuse true and natural, with being ordinary and boring.” – Stella Adler

Today, four hundred years after his death, William Shakespeare’s work is still central in the vast world of English literature. He is the most quoted poet of all time, and his plays are produced more often than any other playwright’s work. His timeless themes also continue to inspire contemporary screenwriters.

But why is that? Why do so many people consider his writing to be among the greatest? What meanings did his plays have in his own time? How do we read, speak, and listen to his words today? What should we look for when viewing his plays on stage? Whose plays are we really watching, anyway?

As we carefully examine a select sample of his plays, we will consider these questions, and more, from a variety of critical perspectives. In this two-day workshop, given by Thomas Cook, students will get an introduction to, as well as a deeper understanding of distinctive monologues, characters, and themes, as they rehearse Shakespeare’s characters through voice and movement.

Why work on Shakespeare?

Working with Shakespeare demands actors to use all their skills. Students of this workshop will be asked to use the entire physicality of their body and the full range of expressiveness in their voice. Shakespeare is to be spoken, it was written explicitly for actors and the stage. Working with Shakespeare gives an actor the chance to hone talents and acquire a repertoire of skills needed for the art of acting.

Thomas Cook’s approach will help students of all levels and acting backgrounds, access Shakespeare’s language, while developing a greater enjoyment of his plays – one that will last a lifetime.

Prerequisites to attending the Workshop

The workshop is for anyone interested in Shakespeare; no prior Shakespearian knowledge or acting experience is necessary. However, since the workshop is in English, a basic understanding of English is required.

Time & Place

Saturday, 25 March 2017, 10:00-18:00 & Sunday, 26 March 2017, 10:00-18:00

Place: Krakauer Straße 19, 1020 Wien

Workshop Teacher

Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook


€ 210,-

Workshop Content

  • Working on the Character’s Text
    • Presenting your own chosen monologue (that has been sent beforehand)
    • Reflection about the experience and understanding of the piece
      • Exploring what is going on in the ‘real’ life of the character and how it connects to the life of the actor
  • Working on the Actor’s Body
    • Breath and Voice work
      • how to explore breath, body and voice in Shakespeare’s monologues and texts
    • Posture work
      • Developing a conscious for the body


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